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How to make French Press Chic Decaf Coffee with Simply Inulin in 10 Easy Steps

How to make French Press Chic Decaf Coffee with Simply Inulin in 10 Easy Steps - UNI+KONCEPT

Before pregnancy I used to drink a minimum of 3 coffees per day. YUM! Not only did I need it for energy but I just love the taste of a good coffee, and the warmth it represents.

Since I’m only allowed 200 mg of real coffee per day, I came up with a chic French Press alternative. Why the French press? Mostly because the machine we used at home requires beans, and it would be impossible for me to pour out the regular beans each time then to add decaf beans. Plus, I liked the look & taste of the French press café.

Beaver Rock decaf coffee with french press by Uni+Koncept blog post Simply inulin

Here’s what you need:

  1. French Press
    I use the rose gold Bodum brand which you can get at Vincenzo’s & Amazon
  2. A Timer (a.k.a your phone, because who actually has a timer)
  3. Decaf ground coffee (3 tsps total)
    I mix 3 different flavours (Mild, Coconut, French Vanilla)
  4. A measuring spoon  
    I use this gold scooper from David’s Tea, it measures 2 tsps
  5. Boiling Water
  6. A brother *
    If you like milk in your coffee. I use the Nespresso frother, but you can get them on Amazon.
  7. Milk & Sugar or honey *
    I love the raw brown sugar from Vincenzo’s
  8. Simply Inulin approximately 1 tsp depending on your tolerance
    don’t know what Simply Inulin is? Check out my blog about that.

The whole process takes about 7 minutes total.

What you do:

  1. Pre-heat the French press by filling it with boiling water to the top. Let it sit for 30 secs. Place the lid on top to prevent heat from escaping
  2. Once it has warmed up dump the water out and dry the press with a paper towel
  3. Add the ground coffee
    Since I mix three flavours I usually do 2 tsps of the Mild, 1 tsp of Coconut, 1 tsp French Vanilla
  4. Pour a little bit of boiling water into the vessel, just enough to soak the grounds & stir. Let it sit for about 30 seconds. Cover it with the lid to prevent heat from escaping.
  5. Add the rest of the water (12.5 oz) For those of you who don’t like to measure, it’ll be just a little more than half way of your vessel. Stir again, and let it sit for 3.5 minutes with the lid on top. * do not push the press down
  6. In the mean time pour about a shot glass full of milk into your frother & add half a teaspoon of honey.
  7. Pour the froth milk into your mug
  8. At this point the coffee should be ready. Gently push down on the French press to strain the grounds.
  9. Pour your coffee over the milk froth in your cup
  10. Add a teaspoon of simply inulin to your decaf coffee, gently stir and enjoy!

Hot Tip:

If you have left over coffee in your French press, put it in the fridge and use it for iced coffee!



owner of Uni+Koncept lifestyle boutique in waterloo jovana

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