My Experience with Simply Inulin

My Experience with Simply Inulin - UNI+KONCEPT

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Do you want to lower your stress hormone, have clearer skin, a flat tummy, healthy gut health... I know, I did.

After working out for 5 months 3x/week and not being able to reduce bloating in my lower abdomen I started searching for answers online. I happened to come across Ingrid De La Mare Kenny on the Him & Her Podcast TSC. The description read: Taboo Diet & Fitness, Overcoming Prison, Divorce, & Hardship, Eating Habits, & Cultural Dieting Differences. Naturally, I was instantly intrigued and had to listen for my self. HOLY SHIT! Whattttt a gangster! I lovedddd her story and the way she broke down the facts of a woman’s body. She swore by her product-- Simply Inulin. She said it’ll reduce your cortisol levels, it’ll improve your skin, it’ll reduce bloating in your stomach… I was like YES PLEASE, sign me up! I immediately ordered this little gem of a product straight from Monaco.

*Insert question, why not order from Amazon because it’s way cheaper?
well I did that too… I grew impatient waiting for the order to arrive from Monaco so I ordered the Now brand from Amazon, as I waited for the Method's #SimplyInulin. Well, that was stupid, because anything from Canada or U.S. doesn’t have any standards for this product. They can write that it’s 100% pure inulin, when in fact it only has to be less than 25%. Regardless, I tried to take the Now brand and saw/felt zero difference.

Fast forward to 2 weeks later, (it was stuck in customs due to looking a little suspicious) I got my jar of Simply Inulin wooo! I made my first inulin coffee that morning, with 1 tsp of fibre. It has zero taste, and it gave my coffee a little frothy texture. I didn’t feel anything. The 2ndday I did the same thing, (the key here is consistency). After a few hours I felt some mild cramps in my stomach, mostly just a lot of gurgling noises coming from my belly. The first week of taking it, I’d say that I was more bloated then not. By the 2ndweek, I was going to the washroom more frequently and getting rid of all toxins in my body. By the 3rdweek I started to notice a visible difference. By the 4thweek, my body was completely used to the daily inulin fibre intake and I was going to the washroom normally. (TMI?)

 The point is, I was hooked!! I started raving about this product to everyone and anyone who would listen. I started posting about it on my social media as well and encouraging others to check it out. By the time I started taking my 3rd jar (3 months later), everyone was asking me to start selling Inulin since they wanted a place where they can access it readily. It was never my intention to sell it in my store when I started raving about it. But, you asked, and I listened.  I reached out to Ingrid and we serendipitously decided to make me an authorized retailer within Ontario.  

I’m now on my 4th jar of #SimplyInulin and have raised my tolerance to about 2 tsps per day. I cannot imagine EVER going back to not using this product. It has completely regulated my gut health, improved my skin, and given me a flat tummy. All of the things that Ingrid said on her podcast it would do.

My before and after photos, this includes working out 3x/week and taking inulin daily.

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