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Why I started to love working out

How I Got 3.5 Abs and Counting - UNI+KONCEPT

If you HATE running as a form of exercise as much as I do, then I have good news for you, you don’t have to run anymore! Seriously stop, drop, and roll. 

When you’re running in hopes of shedding weight, but you in fact hate the activity of jogging then your body goes into high cortisol production. A.k.a, it’s in high stress mode because you're hating your life at that moment. This leads our bodies to store fat in our stomachs due to the stress. PLUS we tend to be hungry after feeling stressed or doing high endurance cardio. This was what kept happening to me! I would do a hard-core work out, then I’d be sooo famished afterwards that I’d eat more than my normal amount; however, I'd justify it because I just worked out.

Now I’m not saying that I would never run. If someone was chasing me I’d run, if there was a Holt Renfrew shoe sale I’d run, if I was playing tag I’d probably let the person catch me because I fucking hate running and I don't like games that involve moving.
The point is, if you’re are a person who enjoys the act of running then keep it up! Your body will shed the weight because you’re not in a high cortisol producing state. BUT, if someone is telling you to run as a means of exercise and you don't want to, then don't! You'll just end up binge eating after and getting saggy tits. 

Ingrid De La Mare Kenny & Amalia Graziana & Jovana Nedimovic Prica at Cap Ferrat during the method pilates retreat in the south of france april 2019   Anyways, I got desperate to find an      exercise routing that I enjoyed and could see results with. My primary goal was ABS! I wasn't asking for much, at least 2-3.5 abs.
About 9 months ago I discovered The Method Pilates virtual platform which has completely transformed my body, & mindset. The creator of this method is none other than Ingrid De La Mare Kenny, also known as our Inulin dealer.

I had the opportunity to attend her glamorous Pilates retreat in the South of France back in April. We worked out 2X per day, ate & drank like the French, and created genuine bonds with each other. The week flew by! By day 4 I was already starting to miss everyone despite them doing teasers right beside me. In just 6 days I started seeing a crazy difference in my core.. I HAD ABS! and got them by NOT running. Praiseeeee Jesus. 

Why Pilates works for me? It’s high intensity, low impact work. I’m never feeling stressed throughout the hour therefore; I’m not storing fat! The best part is that I also never get any injuries or aches.  We do a couple tough exercises then we take a few minutes to stretch it out, and it keeps going in this wave of work, stretch, work, stretch. By the time it’s over my body isn’t in starvation mode, and I’m not wishing I’m dead. Win win!

Now I alternate between The Method virtual platform, & Reformer Machine Pilates which I do with Camie from Blue Bird Pilates (Kitchener). If you live in Toronto, then I recommend checking out Lagree Studio for group classes.

Not every work out is for everyone, but if you’re not seeing results with your current regimen and you’re killing your self to get a single ab, then I highly recommend trying Pilates! One class will get you addicted.

Grand Hotel du Cap ferrat in saint jean cap ferret the method retreat south of france

The Method Pilates

Blue Bird Pilates

Home Reformer Machine

Midtown Yoga

- 1X purchase reformer stick 180 Euros ($265 CND)

- Virtual platform subscription 69.99 Euros/month ($103 CND)

* you can do it from the comfort of your living room or on vacation which I do!

- $30 / private session on reformer machines


- $45 / semi- private session
(you + 1)



A pricier option if you want to have your own reformer machine $4-5k CND.

First see if you enjoy the reformer before committing to this route.



Wednesday evening Hot Pilates class is great!
$20/ class
- bring a mat
- towel
- you’ll be in bare feet
-prepare to sweat!

* group 


Wearing Spiritual Gangster  



owner of Uni+Koncept lifestyle boutique in waterloo jovana

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