MediHeal - 4D Masks

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Charcoal :
Bamboo Charcoal 4D Black Mask is approved with wrinkle function, skin elasticity and lifting care with black sheet. It applies 10 kinds of black food concept to bamboo charcoal mask material for skin elasticity and energetic skin condition by "Bamboo double system effect". Bamboo charcoal sheet helps to purify and cleanse the skin, removes skin waste and excellent with skin adhesion.

Fun Fact : Bamboo extract is emollient and nourishing, rich in amino acids and minerals, which delivers nutrition and adds vitality to the skin; it is also effective in reducing hot flashes.

Mulberry :
Paper Mulberry 4D White Mask is has a brightening function to give your over-all complexion a nice glow.Paper mulberry sheet contains eco friendly material, emission of far-infrared radiation, with faster moisture delivery.

 Fun Fact : Paper mulberry extract contains effective ingredients, which also helps to maintain a pure skin condition with anti-oxidative effect.