Bluestone - Sun Shield Sport

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Just as great as our OG Sun Shields but with extra durability for when you're on the go! The Bluestone Sun Shield Sport is perfect for any out door activity when you need extra protection. Ultra chic sun protection and anti-aging solution. Recommend by top dermatologists. Radiant Sun Shield set on Black and White Headband. 

Includes carrying tote

  1. Sun Shields should be kept at room temperature and avoid extreme heat or direct sunlight.
  2. Never leave Sun Shields in a hot car, UV protection film can melt and distort Sun Shield.
  3. Clean by spraying a small amount of alcohol free screen cleaner on microfiber cloth and gently wipe in up and down motion. 


One Size

95% UV Blockage

Material: Flexable PVC lens set on neoprene fabric with mesh fabric inside.