Welcome to Uni+Koncept

" If someone cares this much about how the space looks,
then they'll care about how you feel in the space. "

-Alli Webb

Let Us Guide You In Your Shopping Experience.

Our mission is to bring out women’s inner confidence through style & positive interaction in our space. We help ladies feel glamorous with minimal effort & expense.

Uni+Koncept is built on the model of experiential shopping whether it’s in-store or online, we believe that everyone is #Unik and should be treated as such. By bringing in various items from apparel, & accessories, to beauty & home décor, we are able to cater to every woman’s guilty pleasures.

Uni+Koncept was born out of necessity when the founder, Jovana, got suddenly laid off from Target Canada HQ with thousands of other employees. She moved back to Kitchener-Waterloo after living and working in Toronto for 6 years. With a deficiency in boutiques, and a lack of jobs for Fashion Business graduates, Jovana decided to create her own happy place. The goal was to design a space that feels welcoming & aesthetically pleasing; but also has a one-on-one shopping approach. Uni+Koncept became much more than a boutique, but an inclusive environment for like-minded ladies from the community to gather, laugh, and grow together. Our team members aspire to make you feel like you’re shopping with your BFF.



Core  Values

Be Authentic

We want you to view us as a trusted resource in fashion, business, and lifestyle. By creating authentic content that portrays the founder’s experiences & opinions we hope to build that loyalty.


Make Connections

There is a real person behind this business who truly cares about you. Don’t ever be intimidated to contact us or ask questions, both in-store & online.




We will ensure that everyone shopping with us feels empowered within our space through positive interaction. Our content is also produced to give you tangible takeaways that you can implement in your life to establish confidence.


Stay Consistent

Whether you are shopping with Jovana or one of the UnikBabes, you will be given the same experiential service that will leave you feeling great and wanting to come visit us again. There is never any pressure to buy, simply come introduce your self.


Always Unique

We will strive to always bring you one-of-a-kind product assortment that is exclusive to the Tri-Cities. Jo’s mission is to curate great quality pieces at super attainable prices!