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"You just have to do what makes you happy, because you'll never get a unanimous vote"

Uni+Koncept is the brainchild of Waterloo- local, Jovana N. It was after she got laid-off from the Target Canada Head Office that she decided to move back to K-W. With a lack of jobs for Fashion Business graduates, and a deficiency of boutiques to frequent, Jovana set out to open her own little retail paradise. When it was time to start sourcing products, she realized that it’s going to be tough to stick to just one range of items.

A concept store was the only way to go!

UNI+KONCEPT is not just a boutique, but a fun and inclusive environment to come test out the latest in beauty & fashion trends. The aim was to create a place that feels welcoming and aesthetically pleasing; but also, has a unique one-on-one customer experience. Our team members aspire to make you feel like you’re shopping with your BFF.