MediHeal - Peel Masks

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  • Removes blackhead and skin impurities thoroughly.
  • Tea tree oil treat pores giving silky skin improvement.
  • Creamy clay formula with rich moisture.

Major ingredients : Charcoal powder, kaolin, walnut shell powder, tea tree leaf oil

How to use : 

1. After face wash use toner, apply onto face avoiding eyes and lip area.

2. After 15~20 minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water and finish with cold water.


1. Clean Pores and remove skin impurities and dead skin thoroughly.
2. Moisture content prevent irritations.
3. Peel off pack to remove dead skin perfectly.
Volume : 1pcs (2~3 times)

Major ingredients: Tea tree extract, Apple extract, Green tea extract, Plum extract

How to use : 

  • Use finger to apply onto face avoiding eyebrows, lips and eyes.
  • After 20~30 minutes peel off from bottom to upward.


  • Gently rub produce drops vitality Addict texture sleep mask.
  • Rich moisturizing ingredients, quick supply of dry skin glistening moisture.
  • Generate moist moisture film on the skin, creating a transparent vibrant skin.

Major ingredients : Hyaluronic acid, sea grape extract, lavender extract, baobab seed extract.

How To Use
1. The night after cleansing, using the cream of the stage, take appropriate products, avoiding eye and lip skin, spread evenly on the facial skin.

2. When generating drops of water and gently massage the skin.

3. Use the generated droplets gently pat skin until absorbed, then wash with warm water next morning.