MediHeal - Pomegrante Mask

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Several recent studies have shown pomegranate's ability to improve wound healing, resulting in faster repair of skin cuts and scrapes. Extracts of pomegranate are said to exert their positive effects on skin aging by extending the life of fibroblasts, the cells responsible for producing collagen and elastin, to give strength and support to the skin. This suggests that pomegranate oil may boost the ability of skin to repair itself by regenerating the supporting collagen structure of the skin. Other studies have shown that pomegranate seed extract applied to the skin may reduce the formation of some forms of skin cancer, suggesting that its antioxidant capabilities may be responsible for some of pomegranate's skin benefits.

How to Use : 

After stabilizing the skin with a toner, put on the well-absorbed mask on your face and match the areas of eye rims and mouth on the sheet into the face, and leave them covered. Rest comfortably for 15-20 minutes and remove the mask. After removing the mask, let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting on your skin.