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Sarah Mulder - IGNITE Large Silver Moonstone Hoop

$115.00 CAD

The must-have hoops of the year! If you are looking for that perfect every-day large hoop…you found them. The Ignite Hoops come in 5 stone options this season. Choose a subtle neutral like Rose Quartz or Moonstone, or find that sexy darker look in Tourmalinated Quartz or Labbradorite. We love Amazonite for a playful, boho-look! You cannot go wrong with any of these options.

  • Glossy Rhodium plated pendant over brass, sterling silver ear posts

  • hoops are 2”

  • nickel free

  • Moonstone properties: the “stone of new beginnings” and is strongly connected to the moon and it’s cycle of change. It is a powerful stone for calming emotions and promoting intuition and empathy. Sourced in Australia, India and Sri Lanka.

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