Dry Skin Kit

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Literally nothing worse than dehydrating, flaky skin! Here's a kit of everything you need to achieve that dewy sun kissed glow. Your skin will thank you, and your makeup will never look better. 

What's Included : 

1) Mini Egyptian Magic Made with 6 all natural ingredients. This is a MUST HAVE for dry skin sufferers. Plus the size makes it easy to keep in your purse. 

2) ThreeShips Hydrate 49% almond oil Serum - 

3) ThreeShips Soothe Rosehip Vitamin C Clay Mask - 

4) Three Ships Purify Aloe + Amino Acid Cleanser - 

5) Dried Flower Bouquet from Wildwood- Cute little bundle of dried flowers to put on your bathroom vanity. It's a skincare ritual vibe! Although, flowers look good dried up, skin does not. 

6) Mini Oval Brush - If you don't want to use your fingers to apply your skin care, it's a good idea to use the oval brush to apply dabs of your product to the face. Prevents germs & bacteria from your hands to contaminate your skin. 

Total Value: $107

You SAVE : $1 !