2021 "Things That We Don't Sell, But I Love" Gift Guide

2021 "Things That We Don't Sell, But I Love" Gift Guide

I’m slowwww but here it is! My top 13 favourite products of 2021 that you can gift to a loved one, purchase for yourself, or BOTH.. because if you’re anything like me, your Christmas shopping goes a lot like “one for you, one for me”. 

 I’ve been using most of these for a LONG time and have talked about some of them before, and others are brand new to my life but I’m BLOWN away at how great they are, so I had to share.  

Let’s get started.. shall we?!


1. I have purchased SO many of these decanters for friends and family. Studio50 is a Canadian owned company. The great thing about their RockBottom Decanter is that you can put hot drinks in it—like hot sake, or warmed cognac. We usually use it for sake because the base of the decanter is concrete and can be warmed up in the oven then you place the glass part inside. OR, you can use it for rosé and fill it with fruit, simply place the concrete base in the fridge beforehand, it will hold the cold! 

    2. I don’t really have a green thumb, but I do love an Olive Tree. Tall ones are super hard to come by, (if you know here I can get one let me know) Otherwise, the St.Jacobs nursery has the 1.5ft Olive Plants for $40 including the pot! They make for great gifts, and you can even purchase a new pot for it from HomeSense, which is what I did.

    3. I rave about the Blanqi Girl maternity leggings to anyone who will listen. When you’re pregnant, the clothing options suck, and by month 7 you’ve probably given up, and are just living in leggings. These particular ones help to hold up the belly, but they don’t slide down. I’ve tried some cheaper options of maternity leggings too, but these ones have been my favourite. I also highly recommend their maternity bike shorts if you’re prego in the summer, I have them in black and nude. However, their non-maternity leggings do tend to slide down which is a major pet peeve of mine. 

    4. OMGGG THE MIRRORRRRR by Lululemon ! Like HALLELLUJAH! If you hate going to the gym and being seen while you’re working out, this is the “toy” for you! I’m BLOWN away! There are hundreds of workouts & levels to choose from. It’s super user friendly, and you can join live classes with the camera. Also, I don’t find it overly expensive compared to other workout equipment. It’s approximately $1600 including delivery & installation, (I bought it during their black Friday promo.) It’s the gift of health.

    5. I have gifted 4 of the Barefoot Dreams blankets & purchased 5 for my own house. They are SOOOO soft! Both of my babies have the children versions of the blanket as well. Every time I wrap them up in the blanket, they drift off to sleep in minutes. Just buy one and you’ll become addicted. 
      6. Cushy Couch has become a favourite activity in our house, it is also the Canadian version of the best-selling Nugget. It’s basically 4 moving foam pieces that you can assemble in various configurations. Gabriella is obsessed!!! As soon as she gets home from day care she starts assembling the pieces and asking us to spot her so that she can jump around on them. A great gift idea for your kids or grand kids.

      7. For the prego’s in your life, the Positive Birth Company online course changed my birthing experience with Sebastian. Learning about hypnobirthing then actually implementing it was so transformative and a completely opposite experience to my first labour. Keep in mind, I also didn’t have an epidural the second time around, and found that using the hypnobirthing method was sufficient enough to guide me through labour. Get your pregnant friend a gift card to the course, and she’ll thank you for life!... that is if she decides to do the lessons. :D You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.

      8. Ok just one more thing for the mama friends.. the KNIX nursing bras are KEY.. Why you ask? Well because the padding is made with leakproof technology. Similar to their leakproof underwear (which I also love). Back to the bras, they have no underwire which makes them comfy, they click open and closed easily, plus the leakproof tech really works! I also recommend their nursing tank top. I bought two of the black ones and they layer nicely under kimonos and cardigans. 

      9. SAJE diffusers!!! I’ve always been a candles over diffusers girl.. But when Gabi was born, I felt like her room always stunk like dirty diapers so I got a diffuser for her nursery then eventually I purchased a few more for the rest of the house. They are pretty, you can even get the ones with the nightlight built in, and there are so many fresh scents to choose from! Literally the best gift for any age or demographic. I also love gifting the Saje Pocket Pharmacy.. if you haven’t checked it out. Do so! Great stocking stuffer. 

      10. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been wearing my hair straight lately. Well it’s because I finally got my hands on the L’oreal Steampod!! Freaking amazing! You literally pour some water into the device and it steams your hair straight while adding shine and not frying it. It’s not cheap, about $360 – but it really works!! I like investing in great quality hair & skin tools if it means protecting my hair.

      11. Speaking of skin tools, my little NuFace mini that I’ve raved about for a few years now is still a tried and true winner! I purchase mine from HighBrowLife (local) and I have the limited edition Tiffany Blue Mini, however they change the colours all the time. I use NuFace to lift cheeks and contour my face. I’ve never had filler in my face and don’t plan to any time soon (never say never), but for now I’m extremely happy with the results that NuFace gives me. It’s also great to use after you have put a serum on your face to really get into the skin.

      12. Personally, I think cooking is a chore. I don’t enjoy it, and I try to avoid it when I can. But occasionally, Gabi gets hungry, and I have to run around the kitchen trying to figure out what to whip up. Lately she’s super into steamed edamame which is perfect because the Our Place – Always pan has a little steaming hamper that comes with it. I make tons of steamed veggies in there, plus you can fry up eggs, and literally anything else that people who know how to cook can make. So if you want just one really good pan, or you know someone who recently bought a house that you need to get a gift for. This is DA ONE.

      Happy SHOPPING <3






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