Facial Rollers 101 by OverGlowEdit

Facial Rollers 101 by OverGlowEdit - UNI+KONCEPT

Facial rollers have been around forever, but these days they are showing up in every skincare routine in my Instagram feed and its become a staple for most. With its recent surge in popularity, I've been getting lots of questions about why I use one, does it really work, and is it going to eliminate all my neck wrinkles? So I thought I'd do a quick dive into what the claims are around face rollers, basics on how to use one, and what I actually get from this tool. Let's start!

facial rollers


  • Helps to depuff (by stimulating the lymphatic system)
  • Soothes inflammation
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Helps skincare to sink in better
  • Releases tension in the face (that can cause wrinkles)
  • Helps drain toxins out of your face
  • Helps sculpt features
French Girl Organics Toner & Jade Roller

HOW TO USE ONE: There are many different methods recommended for facial rolling. In general I apply a very light pressure when I roll, and I don't roll too fast - I'm not trying to speed my way through what's supposed to be a relaxing part of my routine. I also like to roll after applying serums or oils, or when I'm wearing sheet masks. Keep your roller in the fridge until you want to use it for added benefit. Start rolling the neck, then work your way up the face, and forehead.

  • For the neck, I roll from the top of my neck downwards to drain towards the center of my body. 
  • For my jaw area, I start at my chin and roll upwards moving towards my temples. I pick up the roller once it reaches the end and bring it back to the starting point, rather than rolling it back downwards on my face. 
  • For my cheek area, I start towards the center of my face and then roll outwards and upwards towards my temples.
  • On my forehead, I start at the center of my forehead and roll outwards (doing both sides separately)
  • If I do my eyes, I'll use the smaller end of the tool and roll from the inside of my eyes, outwards, both underneath and on my lids

Can't wait to try it? 

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