I cannot emphasis enough how much sheet masks have changed my skin care regimen and my over-all complexion.


Check these beauties out for hydrating:


Growing up in Western society, we aren’t taught the importance of skin care until it’s too late and we start seeing wrinkles, sunspots and dry patches. Yuck. We need to start taking notes from our South Korean counterparts. Your skin care routine should be as important as brushing your teeth! A simple sheet mask can literally improve your over-all glow, reduce blemishes, and even decrease stress.

See examples of masks that will brighten and tone your face:

Women's Boutique in Waterloo, Brightening Masks

Instead of spending thousands of dollars per year on covering your face with expensive makeup, you should be investing in creating an appearance that you do not want to cover up.

If you have acne prone or oily skin, here are our sheet mask recommendations:

Boutiques in Waterloo for Women, Acne Products

And of course you don’t want to forget about the essential parts of your face—the eyes & lips:

Eye and lips products, Boutiques in Waterloo for Women

And finally, our favourite time to bust out a sheet mask:

  1. On a plane – It will keep your skin hydrated during the flight and ensure that you’re glowing when you get off the flight.
  2. During a Netflix binge session – Why not?! You’re just sitting there anyways... Put one on bae too. He may resist at first, but chances are he’ll get just as addicted as you.
  3. Before a big night out – You’ll probably be wearing extra heavy makeup and the sheet mask will ensure perfect complexion and long-wear makeup.
  4. After a big night out – All those cocktails didn’t do you any favours. While your liver is detoxing, your skin should be too.

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