We receive so many questions about the oval makeup brush sets that I’ve decided to write a blog about my experience and why I LOVEEEE these brushes!  
  Here’s the honest truth:  

  1. They will take some time to get used to, but after 3-4 times of using them you’ll quickly develop your own method and wonder how you ever lived without them
  2. You will never completely replace all of your regular brushes with oval brushes. I still like to use at least 2-3 of my regular brushes to complete my look.
  3. Oval brushes are best used with liquid foundations and/or cream makeup.
  4. These brushes are the way of future makeup artistry.

  The Benefits:  

    1. They are super dense with 10 times the amount of individual fibers as conventional brushes, which makes the application nearly flawless. It also requires you to use less makeup then regular brushes.


  1. A pea-sized amount of foundation goes a very long way.
  2. They will give you a completely airbrushed foundation finish.
  3. You will cut your regular makeup routine in half.
  4. Achieve perfect contouring each time.
  5. There is a brush to contour every single part of your face.
  6. They are so pretty and Instagram-able… Not sure how that important that is to you. :D

  How to Use for an Evening Makeup Routine:  

    1. Before beginning the makeup application, ensure that your face is perfectly cleansed, exfoliated and toned. I like to set one brush aside from my pack of 10 which I solely use to apply daily and nightly moisturizer.  
        french girl facial scrub waterloo store  


      (Crème Lumière $34, Facial Serum $25, Floral Toner $25)


    2. I start the routine by covering any redness with the Urban Decay green concealer. Then applying concealer under the eyes. I blend it all with the oval brush just gently patting down on the makeup.  
    3. The largest brush is used to paint on your foundation. Apply it in a circular motion with minimal pressure, like a kabuki brush. I like to add a drop of Timeless Oil by Poetic Blend to my foundation to achieve a dewy look. The best part about the Timeless Oil is that is has vitamin A & C for all day/night hydration.  


      (Timeless Oil $49.99)


    4. Use one of the thinner brushes to add some dimension to your eyebrows. Since the brushes are so dense you can easily outline your brows and fill them in. Use The Brow Gal pencil to fill in your brow bone for a more defined arch.  


      (Highlighter Pencil, $37.99)




  1. Now for the contouring! This is what these brushes do best! Start by dabbing brush #1 into the darker contour cream then outline your forehead with dots that are 2-3cm apart, also make lines in the hollows of your cheeks. Next, you’ll use brush #2 to contour the sides of your nose with the dark cream. Brush #3 will be used to gently apply the light cream under your eyes, under the hollows of your cheeks, and down the center of your nose and up over your brows. Lastly, blend it all together with brush #4.  
  2. The smaller brushes are ideal for a bold, smokey eye because they lay down the colour perfectly, and there is virtually no fallout. The shape of the brush will allow you to get into the crease of your eyes and create a perfect V-angle with the darker shadows. The size of the last smallest brush makes it ideal to dab some light eye shadow in the inner corners of the eyes for a brighter wide-eyed look.  
  3. As I said, I have not completely forgot about my other brushes. To fully complete the look, I like to add some finishing powder and highlighter.  
  4. Finish by applying Sara Happ lip gloss for all day and night lip hydration, plumping, and pigmentation.  


    (Sara Happ Lip Gloss, $36)


If you are trying to do a day-time makeup look, just skip step #5 all-together, and PLEASE don’t forget to regularly wash your makeup brushes. We recommend using PrismBrushBar.com (available in-store). Visit us to test the brushes for your self, or email us if you still have questions <3  


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