Knowledge Isn't Always Power. Content Overload is Real.

Knowledge Isn't Always Power. Content Overload is Real. - UNI+KONCEPT
Do you frequently sign up for courses, webinars, and workshops about business? 

You want to start a business, but you’re not sure how to begin, or you feel like you don’t know enough yet. 

If this sounds like you, keep reading.
And, if it’s not you, then keep reading and let me know if you agree with my observations.
Fact: Knowledge is power. 

But, knowledge overload, is your brain being flooded with too much content; and as a result creating subconscious fear in taking action. If you do some research on your business topic, that’s not the same as actually implementing your learnings to get results. This is usually where people get stuck because they think “hey, I went to that workshop and learned all the things, so I should have a business by now.” Since their business doesn’t just appear before their eyes, they assume that maybe they don’t know enough so they keep consuming more information and get overwhelmed. Still, they take no action. To put it in perspective, your ego is playing mind games with you. For example, if I read an Ikea instruction booklet on how to install a shelf, then I give it to my husband to assemble, it doesn’t mean that I did it. It just means that I know how to.  The point is, if you’re going to bother learning anything, then at least apply your learnings, otherwise don’t waste your time. Overlearning is another form of procrastination.

THEN, the most confusing group are the people who keep posting about being a hustler and #bosslife, but who don't actually have a business. Makes me wonder if they are just publicly manifesting, or they've listened to too much GaryVee? If I post a photo of me and a child, I can't write #MomLife... or can I? Is that weird? It's totally weird. What I’m trying to say is, stop being a vessel for information and content. You’ve got what you need in your gut, & intuition. Now it’s time, to put pen to paper and create! “No result is possible without the pre-requisite of action.” For every new thing you learn, immediately implement it into a measurable format.  

Yes, it's important to gather information, but that should just be a quarter of your daily intake. The rest should be measurable accomplishments.  That’s why the expression ‘A’ students working for ‘C’ students was conceived. The ‘A’ students just want to acquire info, but are too afraid to implement it. Whereas the ‘C’ students, don’t analyze every risk, they just look at the reward. In my case, I regard my business as trial and error, whether it’s product choices, policies, daily operations, or staffing. The best information you’ll gather will come from doing, failing, redoing, and maybe getting it right. That’s what I’m focusing on in the next few months. Lots of new things on the horizon.  

Please Note: I’m not claiming to be an expert on this by any means. Just what I’ve observed over the years. I too have self-sabotaged my self into trying to learn everything and taking every course/workshops; because I was procrastinating taking the steps that I already knew in my heart needed to be done.

Some Actionable Tips:



Need a physical location/ space for your  business

Reach out to a real-estate agent and see what your options are. Many landlords are willing to offer short term leases if a space has been on the market for a long time. There are also many free community spaces/ pop-up locations. Ask for a tenant allowance to do your interior fit up.

No funds to start.

This one is the ultimate cop-out. Inquire about grants for your particular business. I’ve received 3 grants. Sure it takes some time filling out the required forms, etc. but instead of sitting at a workshop, you could be doing that.

Get a line of credit, seek out investors, GoFundMe page... If you believe in your business, then you’ll find a way.

FYI: most banks will give 25k line of credit for new businesses.

I don’t know where to find clients/ customers.

Well you’re reading this blog, which means you know how to use a computer. Soooo…?

I’m too old to start.

You’re already one step ahead of the rest of us. You’ve got wisdom! … and hopefully street smarts?!

The market place is already flooded with this type of business.

But it’s not you running that business. “No one is you, that’s your super power” hahahah so lame. But true.

Problem/ excuse…

You know the solution in your gut already. Trust your self.


Let me know what you think.



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Resources: Skill Share is an amazing website that will teach you how to do every skill. But if you learn it, then implement it!  

Blogpost inspired by: Smart Passive Income 

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