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Help Us, Help You. - UNI+KONCEPT

Uni+Koncept uptown waterloo women's lifestyle boutique hosting grand opening event. women shopping at the boutique.

“Create an experience, provide product knowledge, make them feel better walking out than they did coming in.”

That’s the feeling that I want every customer who steps through our doors to take-away with them. 

I’ve come to a cross road with my business where I’m starting to feel like I should be offering MORE.  I’ve always said that Uni+Koncept is not just a store. It’s a place where like-minded women can gather, share tips + tricks on beauty, fashion, wellness, travel and all aspects of lifestyle with the community.

In order for me to do so, I have to be 100% myself. I may lose some of my current audience, but I’ll definitely gain the audience that appreciates the honesty that will come from being true to my self.  

I spend tons of time sourcing & testing products, that most of the time people just think it falls from the sky and ends up in the store to be purchased. It’s a carefully curated labour of love.
So, help me help you. What do you like, what don’t you like, what do you want to see more of?   

I love the expression feedback is a gift! So, if you're reading this, {please} give me any comments on how we can improve your in-store/ online experience, and source products that you want to see. More importantly, if you like what we’re currently doing, let us know. Tell me EVERYTHING!


Unik xx

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  • I love what you do!
    I love your store, I love your clothes and the way you model them.
    My opinion: I will add a few luxury brands, I know there’s lots of competition like myself I buy them from the room at the bay, Saks and other apps available to find better prices, but sometimes I personally don’t like to wait a week to have it because it comes from the states. If you add a few brand purses or even shoes I will be there almost every week.

    Hope it helps!

    Cheers and keep looking forward!

    Katy on

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