Pregnancy Mocktails that taste good!

Pregnancy Mocktails that taste good! - UNI+KONCEPT

When you’re pregnant, date nights are never the same again. If you’re used to sharing a bottle of wine at dinner, and suddenly it’s just your partner drinking in front of you it can be a real drag.

Then I discovered SEEDLIP! The non-alcoholic spirit that actually tastes so good!

I’m convinced that it has a placebo affect because I felt a little tipsy and giddy after having my first Seedlip mocktail. Don’t fret though, it’s actually 100% non-alcoholic and all natural!

The kicker is that I think I’m going to keep drinking non-alcoholic spirits after I give birth. I’ve actually never felt better then having this forced 9-month detox, so why stop now when I can keep getting the placebo feeling of being tipsy without actually consuming alcohol.

I decided to share with you a few mocktail recipes that I created to get me through this pregnancy.

  Recipe 1: Orange-you sober?

- 30 ml of Seedlip Grove 42 

 - 330 ml Orange San  Pellegrino

- Orange slices for garnish

- Squeeze fresh oranges 

- Crushed Ice

 Recipe 2 : The Pink Drink!

- 30 ml of Seedlip Grove 42
- 120 ml pink fever tree tonic water

- 5 ml Pom Juice

- Garnish with rosemary sprig

- Crushed Ice


 Recipe 3: Spicy Ginger

 - 50 ml Seedlip Spice 94

 - Fever Tree Ginger Ale to fill glass

 - Orange & lemon zest for flavour

 - Crushed Ice

 Recipe 4 : Espresso Martini Who?

- 50 ml Seedlip Spice 94

- Chilled espresso

- 15 ml disolved honey

- 3 Coffee beans

- Crushed  Ice


Drink up ladies!

If you make any of my recipes be sure  to tag @UniKoncept so that we can share with our community.



















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