Baby Girl's Hermès Inspired Nursery

Baby Girl's Hermès Inspired Nursery - UNI+KONCEPT

framed hermes scarves from Uni+Koncept lifestyle blog

Let’s face it, I’ve been planning this little’s girl’s nursery before she was even in my belly. I think I’ve always been more excited at the thought of kids and doing nursery décor than any other part of the house.

I used framed Hermès Silk scarves as the inspiration for her room. They are all made by classically trained artisans in France, and passed down as heirlooms. I love the bright bold colours and intricate details, hopefully she’ll like it too.   

*note: I purchased most of these items during BF/Cyber Monday or registered for the smaller stuff

Nursery Inspiration Board from Uni+Koncept Hermes Inspired

1. Urban Walls 

2. Pottery Barn Vintage Grey Blythe Crib

3. Snoo Bassinet – This is supposed to give me 2 extra hours of sleep per night. We shall see if it works.

4. Little Smiley Diaper Changing Table

5. Home Hardware Brass knobs - new knobs for changing table

6. Pottery Barn Black Out Curtains

7. Kiwi Glider Rocking Chair - it  has a charging station in the chair! Enough said. 

8. Rug

Hermes Inspired Nursery Decor blog post from Uni+Koncept

1. Hermes Baby Avalon Blanket

2. Pottery Barn Crib Skirt

3. Hermes Silk Scarves 16X16 – I would only trust 1 person to frame my Hermes Scarves: John from Country Blue Framing

4. Pottery Barn Acrylic & Brass Nursery Storage

5. Etsy Hand-Made Ballerina Mobile

6. Brass Bamboo Mirror

7. Pink Diaper Genie

Hermes Blog Post Nursery Inspiration Owner Uni+Koncept Jovana with Hermes silk scarves framed

Why I used Hermes as inspiration for the nursery decor.
Firstly, I LOVE going to Hermès boutiques and browsing the beautifully crafted silk scarves and gorgeous leather goods.  The majority of the time, I’ll leave the store empty handed but fulfilled just from looking at what I consider to be art.  

So the day before I got my positive home pregnancy test, Hilary and I went to the J-LO concert in Toronto and shopped around a little before hand. Some quick background info for those who don’t follow my personal account; occasionally I post pictures of my #designer shoes and caption the photos as “art”, because that’s what shoes are to me. So in my head I always planned to announce my pregnancy using Hermes baby shoes and posting them as Art. No specific reason, I just knew that’s how I wanted to do it.

Ok so back to Hil and I; we were on our way to the concert and I had to pee like crazy. We ran into a public restroom in the #Yorkville underground, and as I shut the door to my stall I saw an Hermes store bag hanging on the back door of it. I was like “Whoaaa” and quickly looked inside to see if it had anything in it. Sadly, the bag was empty. But in hindsight that was a sign that I wasn’t aware of yet.

Well we sang and danced our butts off at the concert and pretty much the whole drive home. The next morning, I was sooo tired and couldn’t function all day even though I only had a glass of Prosecco at dinner and a beer at the concert. I decided to take a HPT just to see if maybe my IUI worked even though hubby and I decided we won’t test until we went to see the doctor. I knew it was super early and almost unlikely that it would show accurately, BUT I got 5 positive tests!

I thought I was going to explode waiting for hubs to get home to tell him. The way I chose to surprise him was by putting the positive tests in a Hermes tie box and saying that I bought him a tie while I was in Toronto the day before. He opened it cautiously and said “it better not be one of those super bright multi-coloured ties.”   It sure wasn’t. 



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